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Noviy Disk is one of the leading Russian Publishers, Developers and Distributors of rich multimedia content. The core activity of the company is development and support for adoption of modern computer technologies in different spheres.

Founded in 1991 Noviy Disk ranks among the leading companies in the Russian computer industry. It offers a wide range of multimedia products:
• Computer games for users of all ages
• Educational and developing programmes for children of primary and secondary school age
• Nintendo games
• Programmes for learning foreign languages
• Systems of corporative teaching
• Useful programmes for people of different professions and interests, etc.

Providing the computer market with the best software solutions Noviy Disk places special emphasis on the system of education as the main social institution and the leading source of people’s information culture development.


Developing and Publishing
Noviy Disk company is aimed at the market of educational products and services (for preschool, primary and secondary education institutions). It follows current trends and needs of pedagogics and adoption of new technologies in the learning process.   

Since its establishment the company has been publishing educational programmes as well as regularly executing state orders for educational institutions in different regions of the Russian Federation. Following current trends in computer technologies and means of education  the company has become one of the leading developers of specialized software for interactive whiteboards and programme-methodological complexes for preschool and primary education in Russia.  

As a result of the developing and publishing its own educational resources the Education Department has been founded within the company. It consists of highly-qualified specialists who have a lot of experience in this sphere. Their goals and objectives are:
• Provision of innovative solutions and products for educational institutions at all levels
• Improvement of the level and quality in education
• Development of students’ information culture and main competences
• Assistance to teachers in adoption of new information technologies.

Today the range of the company’s electronic aids includes high quality educational resources in all subjects and the best in their sphere. They can be used not only for various kinds of work in class such as frontal, individual, independent and teamwork, but also for out-of-school and extracurricular activities.  The programmes will support teachers as well as students. They include: visual interactive aids, virtual laboratories, electronic textbooks, computer programmes for perfecting skills, network training courses, electronic collections of educational tasks, encyclopedias and guides, language programmes and dictionaries, virtual excursions, art books and reading-books.

Highly-qualified professionals such as teachers, educationalists, psychologists, candidates of pedagogical science and multimedia specialists are engaged in the qualitative software development.

Adoption and Promotion
All the company’s products are approved in educational institutions in different regions of Russia. The approval fulfills the contents potential, improves the quality of the programmes and helps towards the achievement of new results in software development.

The company assists in adoption of information technologies in the educational process. Noviy Disk participates constantly in the main regional, All-Russian and foreign exhibitions, conferences, forums such as the International exhibition “BETT SHOW”, the International Congress-Exhibition “Global Education “, the International Conference-Exhibition “Information Technologies in Education”, the All-Russian Forum “Educational Environment” etc.

Annually the company organizes a course on theory and practice of educational  multimedia software use. It is aimed at teachers from different regions of Russia.  Our specialists cooperate with educational portals and publishing companies and issue articles on their activity results.

Research work
Тhe company does research which concerns various aspects of computer technologies adoption in the educational process. In 2009 it became the first company in Russia that carried out grand work in order to investigate the possibilities of MultiPoint Technology by Microsoft for the educational process. The Technology was approved in pilot schools of Krasnodarsky region that resulted in developing the programme which allows simultaneous use of multiple mice and organizes children’s teamwork.


1991 – Noviy Disk Group (originally Cominfo, has been operating under the trade name of Noviy Disk since 1997) established by Boris Gershuni, as developer of the rich content interactive multimedia software.

1992 – Release of the first multimedia interactive programme “Moscow Kremlin Floppy Book” in Russia on floppy disks.

1994 Release of the first CD-ROM programmes Moscow Kremlin CD Guide, Peterhof CD Guide, Faberge Easter Eggs which were translated into English, German, Italian and Japanese.

1995–1997 – Release of the series of programmes “Interactive World” that includes the first electronic encyclopedias for studying the humanities – the Encyclopedia of History of Russia, the Encyclopedia of Classical Music, the Encyclopedia of Classical Foreign Art and many other things.

1998 –  Release of the English language course REWARD InterN@tivе with the embedded means of distance education online and the TOEFL Exam Preparation course.

2000 – The company reached agreements with such world leading developers of children’s educational computer programmes as Scholastic, Dorling Kindersley and many other companies.

2001 – Development of the direction in educational publishing, expansion of the range of programmes, foundation of the Department of Educational Programmes Development within the company.

2002–2003 – The first development of digital resources for basic and vocational education under the order of the Ministry of the Russian Federation.

2003 – The first participation of the Education Department in the exhibition “Information Technologies in Education”, which is one of the largest international exhibitions in Russia devoted to the problems of informatization. (Until now, Noviy Disk has been an active participant in the main regional, All-Russian and foreign exhibitions).

2004 – Development of educational programmes in addition to the text-books published in Prosvechenie and included into the federal list of textbooks.

2004 – Delivery of media libraries containing electronic teaching aids in all subjects to schools in the Russian Federation under the auspices of the Federal target programme for the development of the unified educational information environment.

2001–2005  – Development of the project on experimental approbation of the distance education system with the use of the company’s multimedia products on the basis of country schools in Moscow region. The project was developed under the auspices of the Regional Target Programme “Development of education in Moscow region”.

2005 – Adoption of Flash-technologies and active cooperation with highly-qualified multimedia specialists. Beginning of the development of original electronic teaching aids on the basis of the activity approach.  (For example, «How to study history») and with the use of the authors’ unique methodic (For example, «Art. How to understand a painting»).

2006 – The company localizes the best educational software  by such foreign companies as Crocodile Clips, Cambridge University Press etc. and presents them at the Russian market.

2006 – Organization of the first state educational course for teachers from all regions in the Russian Federation. The course is organized jointly with the Information Technologies Department at the Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education and  Retraining (Moscow).

2007 – Development of a new kind of educational products – an interactive whiteboard chart. It is a new specialized solution for the organization of frontal work in class on the interactive whiteboard. (In 2009 a series of interactive whiteboard charts was developed in the main subjects for secondary school).

2007 – Development of the first educational interactive programme for children of preschool age and pupils of primary education (For example, Nature Alive. Educational materials on the environment).

2006–2007 – Development of electronic educational resources of the new generation which support realization of educational programmes in “Foreign Languages” under the state contract with the Federal Education Agency.

2006–2008 – Development of a new kind of educational programmes by order of the National Staff Training Fund: the innovative programme-methodological complex (“The Course on History of the Ancient World. 5th Form”); the complex structure information resource “Rules Studying by Algorithm”, “Moscow Kremlin Virtual Tour”, “Learn to Speak Correctly”.

2008 – Development and the first release of a new kind of electronic teaching resources – the programme-methodological complex  that includes the programme of high quality developed according to the highest standards of modern pedagogic as well as methodological recommendations for teachers and a multiuser licence  for an educational institution.

2008–2010 – Development and release of programme-methodological complexes  of two types: for interactive whiteboards and computer classes. They are designed for institutions of preschool, primary and secondary education in the main subjects.

2009 – Participation in London exhibition BETT SHOW. The unique software solutions and products were presented to educational specialists from different countries.

2009 – Organization of the new training courses: the course for teachers of preschool education opened jointly with the Moscow Institute of Open Education and the course for teachers of all educational levels opened jointly with the Academy of Postgraduate Education (Moscow).

2009 – Development of the first specialized educational programme for children’s teamwork with the use of multiple mice. The product is adapted to Microsoft MultiPoint Technology.

2009–2010 – The first release of the specialized software for interactive voting systems (remote controls for voting).

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