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Interactive Whiteboard Charts

It's a series of Whiteboard Charts for different subjects that allows educators to use innovative teaching methods and techniques of classroom work. These charts have special interactive opportunities which make the learning process visual, accessible and more effective.

Math. Graphs of functions includes 8 charts dedicated to graphs construction and their modification. Every chart is an interactive model that illustrates the material under study and provides opportunities for exploring of math problems. Teachers can also use 3D animations and training game to improve pupils’ understanding and interactive activities or practice problems to reinforce knowledge of children.

Age: 13-17

Russian language. Morphology will be the irreplaceable assistant for those who study Russian as foreign language. 12 efficiently structured charts are dedicated to the parts of speech and introduces learners to the correct use of words and composition of sentences. The program facilitates the vocabulary enlargement and development of linguistic abilities.

Age: secondary and higher education

Molecular physics and Thermodynamics consists of 10 charts, which allow teachers to explain new material with rich demonstrations of scientific experiments and processes, large section of interactive exercises with an option of the difficulty reducing according to the children’s abilities. The technical features of the charts allow experimenting.

Age: 15-17
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