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How to study history

It's a product line that give children a notion of locating historical events in time and working with historical maps and primary sources. With these knowledge it will be much easier for children to study the history of their own country and whole the world. Through graphical animations and clear text explanations the program engages pupils in real-life scenarios. Various interactive practice exercises help children apply what they have learnt to reinforce knowledge and ensure mastery.

Chronology introduces children to the first steps in history and teaches them to work with historical dates and events. Pupils start with the simple terms century and era and learn to keep count of years with a timeline, know how to produce numbers in Roman numerals and backward again to Arabic numbers. After passing this program learners will be able apply these skills for further study of history.

Age: 7-11

Primary sources help children to study this quite difficult topic in a fun and entertaining manner. Here young explorers become familiar with primary and secondary sources, learn to classify sources by the time and purpose of their creation and also determine the degree of their authenticity. This program stimulates the development of exploring skills and critical thinking abilities.

Age: 7-11

Historical maps give pupils the knowledge of how to make value judgments about the past with their help. Here children discover interesting details in the history of mapmaking from the prehistory period of time, find out the differences between historical and geographical maps and much more. This program will be interesting and useful to any who is concerned with events of the past.

Age: 7-11
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