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Curriculum Curiosity. Interactive constructor

The software program Curriculum Curiosity. Interactive constructor is intended to develop every child's essential gift - imagination! The magic constructor is a group of 5 interactive workshops, which allow children to play as well as to explore the world around them. In every workshop children can design images with different natural and construction materials, geometrical figures or use ready templates for creative work. And any child, of course, would be delighted to play with his or her own hand-made theatre!


  1. Tales of Nature - work with natural materials to design images and collages;
  2. Flower Fantasy - work with elements of flowers and plants to create greeting cards, collages, different motives and patterns;
  3. A Builder - Architect - work with construction materials made up from geometrical figures to fill given shapes of castles and houses with them;
  4. Artist - work with decorative elements to embellish crockery, toys and handicrafts;
  5. Paper Theatre - creation of paper doll theatre and stage role-playing games.

Age recommendations

There are 3 difficulty levels:
1st level (4-6 y.o.)
2nd level (6-8 y.o.)
3rd level (8-10 y.o.)

In order to create optimal conditions for children's development, the amount of presented objects on a screen is limited to each age group's psychophysiological abilities accordingly. The highest difficulty level suggests the simultaneous work in all of the 5 workshops and allows saving the progress as a child switches in between the workshops. This feature opens unlimited possibilities for talented children.

Program's possibilities

Specific topical division and program's structure are aimed at children development according to their abilities. The design of the program suggests maximum involvement in the creative process, rather than simply an end result.

Any artwork can be saved and updated anytime with various elements from other workshops. Such approach gives boundless possibilities for creative activities of a child.

Software application

First of all, the program addresses the question of developing individual creative, artistic, aesthetic and design skills. Also it can be used in such subject areas as:

  • Art & Design;
  • Design & Technology;
  • Maths;
  • Science;
  • Drama;
  • ICT.

Certain sections of the software may be used to expose difficulties in children's development and help a teacher, or psychologist address these issues accordingly.

Organizational forms of working:

  • Individual work on a PC;
  • Group work with the help of:
    • Network;
    • Projector and a screen;
    • Whiteboard;
    • Tablet PC.

What children will learn?

Develop mental abilities to:
  • generate new ideas;
  • plan the algorithm of their actions;
  • develop creative and logical thinking, storytelling skills;
  • analyse and recognize the world around them.

It's very important that children will develop their personal skills: self-dependence, creative initiative and self-control, as well as improve their strong will and ability to learn.

As a result children become problem solvers, innovators and creative thinkers.

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